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Our Coaches

Once you decide coaching is a need, and you wish to move forward in growing your business or personal development, while having a guide on the side, your next step is to determine who is your ideal coach and guide.

Our Contagious Coaches™

Once you decide coaching is a need, and you wish to move forward in growing your business or personal development, while having a guide on the side, your next step is to determine who is your ideal coach and guide.

Monica Wofford, CSP

In today’s business environment, to succeed in leading and building a results-oriented team, coaching is key and for more than ten years, Monica has served in a leadership coaching capacity. Former corporate executive, successful business owner, professional speaker, author, and Master Certified Coach in an EQ assessment, the skills you need to be a successful and effective leader are Monica’s specialty. In her sessions, Monica combines an engaging entrepreneurial spirit with a background in structured corporate culture. She rolls up her sleeves, dives in, and easily customizes her approach to meet your needs. In her background, Monica has both appeared on CNN and Fox, as well as authored six books, including Make Difficult People Disappear. She’s delivered leadership guidance to more than half a million people as a keynote speaker and was recently invited to become a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Monica is the recovering workaholic with a life who gets things done early and fast, but values teamwork, sees the value in patience, and assertively shares her insights with pleasant passion. With Monica Wofford, there is an approachable softness alongside her polished, graceful, powerful business side both accompanied by her enthused and frequent contagious laugh. With a successful role in leadership and leadership development since 1989, Monica is a powerful asset to your leadership guidance.

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Monica Wofford, CSP Forbes Coaches Council Official Member
Adrian Manley

Riveting, relational, and relevant describes the great impact and experience that Dr. Adrian Manley delivers to participants in his training, coaching, and counseling sessions. Whether as a trainer, professor, author, Marriage and Family Therapist, or minister, Dr. Manley’s life work is educating and inspiring people to live their best life.

Adrian has spent the past 15 years in higher education. Throughout this time Adrian has developed and implemented training programs for students, faculty, and staff. Adrian has traveled across the country presenting programs to various professionals to enhance their performance and achievement. From universities, to community and state colleges, Adrian is known for presentations that captivate and educate simultaneously.

Safe, empowering, insightful, and inspiring are adjectives used to describe individual and family sessions with Dr. Manley. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. Manley has keen insight on communication skills, conflict resolution, and systems theory. Empathy, encouragement, and education is a guarantee when working with Dr. Manley. He truly listens and he “gets it”. Dr. Manley has the ability to create an environment that is safe and comfortable enough for you to share your greatest fears yet challenging and empowering enough to be catalyst for lasting change and growth.

Adrian Manley
Kathy Potts-Schissler

Kathy Potts-Schissler is an expert facilitator, coach, and national speaker, guiding individuals and organizations to personal and professional breakthroughs in performance. Kathy is CEO of Oncore Performance Group and Founder of Destination Breakthru™. She brings clients an extensive Corporate Background having served as the head of Organization Development & Learning for HSN. Her diverse personal experiences of facilitating organizational sales, profits, and growth result in ever-increasing bottom lines. Kathy was the 2011-2012 President for the National Speaker’s Association of Central Florida, as well as an Executive Coach for the University of Tampa.

Kathy Potts-Schissler is certified in the following assessments:

  • CORE Multi-Awareness Profile
  • MBTI
  • Hermann Brain Dominance
  • PDI 360 Degree Profiler
  • Situational Leadership I
  • Marshall Goldsmith Coaching

Kathy Potts-Schissler
Tom Hoisington

Enthusiastic, humorous, and dynamic is how training class participants describe Tom Hoisington. As an experienced trainer, Tom uses a high energy presentation to connect with adult learning styles. His humor, stories, and analogies help make training content easily understood. Assessments show that those benefiting from Tom's training techniques show strong improvement in comprehension and understanding. Tom's ability to bring clarity to difficult topics leads to needed behavioral changes.

Tom has an extensive career in the financial services industry. His has sold insurance products and mutual funds, developed and delivered training programs for both agency managers and agents. Tom also has had compliance officer responsibility for a 24 state territory ensuring that sales offices and sales personnel were in full compliance with state insurance laws and NASD (now FINRA) Regulations.

As the Director of Education Outreach for a non-profit credit counseling agency, Tom worked closely with Central Florida non-profit social service agencies developing and delivering both financial education and personal financial counseling. He also served the agency as a certified credit and housing counselor.

Prior to entering the financial services business, Tom worked in a variety of positions within the restaurant industry and taught in the public school system.

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Tom Hoisington
Beth Ramsay

Feedback surveys on Beth’s sessions say:

"You had the best workshop of the day!"
"You had us laughing the entire time"
"You just have to come back next year"
"You brought the energy way up"
"Just the kick in the fanny we needed"

Beth adds value for you by:

  • Quickly solving problems with fresh solutions
  • Generating ideas that surprise people with a new perspective
  • Starting action
  • Communicating expressively, with fun language and humor
  • Inspiring people to become involved advocates

Beth has an extensive background in the hospitality and food/beverage industries, having started waiting on tables at 14 years old, to managing a staff of 37 people in a French-Hungarian restaurant at the age of 19. She was also on the team that re-opened the original Peabody Hotel in Memphis ("The South’s Grand Hotel") and trained front-of-the-house staff for companies opening new restaurants and nightclubs around the country. Beth also used her extensive experience and eye for detail as an effective "secret shopper" to improve the guest experience.

People like to watch what Beth will do next because she thwarts tradition and captivates with spontaneity and quick wit. Beth is approachable and transparent in her style and isn’t afraid to change the game to move a team forward to attain bigger goals.

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Beth Ramsay
Hardy Smith

Hardy Smith works with nonprofits and associations who want to develop a continuing culture of performance.

As a consultant and speaker, his results-oriented approach is based on a career of more than 30 years in the high performance world of NASCAR racing.

He also has a decade of senior leadership experience in local government.

Hardy’s in-depth understanding of the needs of nonprofits and associations comes from extensive professional and personal involvement with nonprofits, volunteer based organizations, and community groups nationwide. He has held numerous local, state, and national volunteer leadership positions. He has certifications in Nonprofit Management and Volunteer Administration.

Hardy’s original research to answer the compelling question, Why Don’t Board Members Do What They’re Supposed To Do? provides a unique perspective for speaking and board development sessions.

His insights for increasing organizational and individual performance have been shared in publications such as BoardSource, GuideStar, FSAE’s SOURCE Magazine, Nonprofit Business Advisor, Nonprofit World, Industry Week, Building Women Magazine, The Real Estate Professional Magazine, Investor’s Business Daily, Supervision Magazine, and the Practicing CPA

He has a large social media following and publishes a widely read newsletter for nonprofit and association leaders.

A sampling of past speaking engagements includes: Florida Junior League Public Affairs State Conference, Florida Association of YMCA Professionals, Florida Society of Association Executives, International League of Electrical Associations, Florida Association of Nonprofit Organizations, Good Sam, Central Florida Council of Boy Scouts of America, Florida AFP Planet Philanthropy, Tallahassee Society of Association Executives, Siemens, Baptist Medical Dental Mission International, Florida Public HR Association, Pile Driving Contractors Association, Florida Festivals & Events Association, California Library Conference, Florida Realtors Association, Florida Association of Chamber Professionals, American Library Association, Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, and Towing & Recovery Association of America.

He is a member of the National Speakers Association, Association of Fundraising Professionals, BoardSource, ASAE, and FSAE. Florida’s network of Small Business Development Centers named Hardy as one of their 30th Anniversary Small Business Success Stories.

Learn more about Hardy and see testimonials by visiting his website:

Connect with Hardy on LinkedIn: Follow Hardy on Twitter

Hardy Smith

Should you have any questions about any of the coaches you see listed below or wish to inquire about working with Contagious Companies™ as a coach, please contact our office directly at 1-866-382-0121. To select your coaching program, click here.

All of our coaches are Certified CORE Profile® Facilitators and specialize in Business or Executive Coaching. With each of our coaches and coaching programs (except hourly coaching) you will receive the following:

  • Unlimited access to Phone Calls and Emails between sessions
  • One on One professional personalized guidance
  • Additional short phone sessions, in between sessions as needed
  • Written feedback on various materials or projects as requested
  • Personalized review of your CORE® Profile Assessment results


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