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Live and in person results oriented leadership training makes a different in how your leaders perform. These leadership training classes interact, engage, and transform leaders who may previously have been promoted, but not prepared. With full day, half day, and multi-day formats, our leadership training curriculums are proven successful and frequently requested.

Contagious Confidence™

Contagious Confidence™ Workbook Cover Contagious Confidence™ builds a leader's self-esteem. This fun and interactive training class is an ideal choice when morale at the office is low OR teams are facing big changes OR when the whole office needs an entertaining boost to the current motivation of the team. Contagious Confidence™ teaches leaders and teams to stop saying "can't do it" and believe "yes, yes indeed they can!"

Training Class Learning Objectives

  • Understand the difference between confidence and self-esteem
  • Learn the origin of confidence and how to improve it
  • Effectively manage the "voices in my head" and negative self talk
  • Apply confidence to improve communication, attitude, and performance issues
  • Motivate team members without needing Pollyanna or "too positive" motivation

Available with Handouts OR Workbooks

Format Options:

  • Full day or half day
  • Lunch and Learn
  • Conference keynote or breakout
  • Online/Webinar

Ideal audience for this results oriented leadership communication training class:

  • New managers who were promoted, but not prepared
  • Managers and leaders who are doubting their ability to lead others
  • Team members struggling with change or the need to "do less with more" and exhibiting an attitude problem or poor performance
Your Style?

Your leadership style and strengths change how you lead and are perceived by others. Find out how you lead with this quick online assessment.

Contagious Companies provides leadership skill assessments that determine natural and conditioned leadership traits and attributes.

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We know leaders. You know your industry. Put us together and you get the best of both worlds. Let’s start by finding out your industry.

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