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Interactive learning engages participants in the training process. Leaders learn, laugh, and retain what they learn on these online learning webinars. Ranging from 60-90 minutes, our webinars focus on all areas of leadership from confidence to communication to dealing with difficult people. Powerful learning sessions offered publicly or broadcast from your Learning Management System, these online learning events build better leaders fast!

Contagious Confidence


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This course is a must, period...that is, if you have voices in your head that sometimes tell you things that aren't helpful. We all talk to ourselves. However, what is far more important is what we say when those voices get loud. For managers and team members, a lack of self-confidence can rob you of objectivity, good decision making, and quality work, making you spend more time worrying about what others think about your work than doing your work. The Contagious Confidence webinar will not only keep you from taking what others do personally, but it will give you proven techniques to keep from riding the downward spiral to doom and gloom, and build your own self-worth and self-respect. Confidence is contagious and people are attracted to those with more confidence so bring the sales team, too, if you want them to attract more customers. This webinar is for one and all and will help you personally and professionally be the person you wish you were with easy steps and lots of laughter about what we say to ourselves.


  • Stop your brain from processing damaging input
  • Identify the difference between confidence and self-esteem
  • Understand the power and pit-falls of "fake it til you make it" actions
  • Manage the voices in your head with ease and effectiveness
  • Focus more on what they do instead of what others think about what you're doing
  • Attract more prospects, customers, high caliber new hires with the confidence you exude

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Don't See This Webinar on the schedule? Request it Now

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