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Interactive learning engages participants in the training process. Leaders learn, laugh, and retain what they learn on these online learning webinars. Ranging from 60-90 minutes, our webinars focus on all areas of leadership from confidence to communication to dealing with difficult people. Powerful learning sessions offered publicly or broadcast from your Learning Management System, these online learning events build better leaders fast!

Putting Personality Types to Use in Your Personal Life


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We all know the effect of others' personalities doesn’t just impact us at the office. In fact, there are likely some people you only see on the holidays on purpose! But, what if that relationship could be saved? What if you could apply the principles of not only how to Make Difficult People Disappear, but more effectively communicating with confidence to those in your personal life. The good news? You CAN! And here’s how. Attend the Putting Personality Types to Use in Your Personal Life to learn simple techniques beyond those already shared for work. Learn how to engage a bit more, draw better boundaries, and negotiate around the delicate issues when family is in town or even when family is all around. In this session, you’ll discover ways to keep your cool, keep the stress at bay, and even thoroughly enjoy your holiday! Attendees of this learning event should have completed the free CORE Snapshot.


  • Rekindle your sense of humor when dealing with difficult relatives and family
  • Shift your mindset from one of dread to one of enthusiasm about what could be ahead
  • Apply seven steps to the use of emotional intelligence in leading one’s personal life
  • Reduce the amount of stress and conflict in your home during the already stressful holidays
  • Improve your peace, harmony, fun, enjoyment and family time

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Don't See This Webinar on the schedule? Request it Now

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