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Interactive learning engages participants in the training process. Leaders learn, laugh, and retain what they learn on these online learning webinars. Ranging from 60-90 minutes, our webinars focus on all areas of leadership from confidence to communication to dealing with difficult people. Powerful learning sessions offered publicly or broadcast from your Learning Management System, these online learning events build better leaders fast!

Praise: Who Needs it, Who Doesn't, and How to Make it Motivating


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Praise doesn’t have to break the bank or be a financial drain. Everyone needs praise, but make no mistakes everyone’s needs in this area are not the same. Learn how to determine who needs what, in what way they need you to recognize them, and the difference between praise and recognition and how to make both motivating to the team you lead. Part of our Contagious Leadership series on how to become a better leader, this webinar will focus on how you create your praise program, asses just what they need and do so while continuing to lead the one or two other things on your list. If you have team members who roll their eyes when rewards are doled out, who complain about it being based on popularity or who are showing you an attitude in place of a clear plea for appreciation, this learning event was designed with you in mind. In Praise: Who needs it, Who Doesn’t, and How to Make it Motivating you’ll learn those valuable lessons and so much more. In fact, if you’ve wished your boss would just say thanks or show you a little love, or wondered why what you do never seems to be enough, just think how your employees feel when you follow the model you’ve been given for rewarding good performance. Rarely will employees hug your neck when you give them a two percent raise, so let’s work on how you use what you’ve got, to give them the appropriate praise that will produce results even if your budget is now a much smaller nut.


  • Identify the four basic types of praise and recognition
  • Assess who needs which type on the team you lead
  • Chose creative, cost effective ideas for providing praise that motivates
  • Modify current individual contributor praise programs to motivate higher performance levels

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Don't See This Webinar on the schedule? Request it Now

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