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You have 500 tasks and possibly that many speaker slots to fill and we LIVE to make your life easier. We get it. Been at this a while and are here to help.

If you've chosen to hire Monica Wofford or are considering doing so, both Monica and Janine are at your service.

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"After speaking with a variety of people after the FDC convention, it is amazing to see how, after just 90 minutes of interaction with you, they have integrated your messages into their lives in terms of their interactions with colleagues and family. Kudos and many thanks to you!”
With respect and admiration, Ellen Anreder, Director
Food and Drug Council

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As your speaker and speaker support team, we view our role as the one who provides all the details you need on time or ahead of schedule and the one responsible for informing, exciting, educating, entertaining, and engaging your audience... while ensuring you look good for having chosen us.


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