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Keynote: Leadership Is Not a Glass Slipper
Keynote: Make Difficult People Disappear
Keynote: Help Me Understand

Monica Wofford, CSP

Audiences are captivated, connected and ready to act! THEY WANT MORE OF HER! 85% percent of Monica's clients request her again or refer her to others. Monica's real world experiences - award winning Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Certified CORE MAP© Coach to high achievers, College Professor, Conference Coordinator, Regional Training Director, author, and accomplished trainer -- plus a degree in Speech Communication, an MBA, Langevin training solutions and extensive education in personality profiles -- allow her to deliver high energy sessions that provide leadership development results and not just rah-rah. Former President of an Orlando Non-Profit, Current National Board Member of the National Speakers Association, Master Trainer and CEO of Contagious Companies, Inc., Monica interacts with audiences in ways that are often humorous, but help leaders have employees who stay longer, produce more and complain less.

Engaging and Entertaining Keynote Topics from Monica Wofford, CSP.

Leadership Is Not a Glass Slipper™
(but you still have to make sure it fits!)

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Any person or personality can be a leader, but knowing these ten leadership steps will make you more effective. Still, some are promoted into leadership and it just doesn’t fit. Maybe they’re missing skills or maybe their personality isn’t right for that role. In this keynote presentation, leadership development expert and author Monica Wofford, CSP, shares 10 steps to be a better leader and make sure that role fits. These steps and her in-session assessment ensure high performance for managers and leaders, and results from the employees they lead. Whether team members need to develop their communication, delegation, motivation, recognition or engagement skills, this powerful session will improve their leadership skills and more!

Make DIFFICULT People Disappear™
(How to Reduce Stress and Eliminate Conflict in the Office)

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We’ve all had that one difficult person that we wish we could make disappear... without going to jail. We may have called them Eeyore or called HR to help us, but what we didn’t want was to DEAL with their difficulty anymore! Make Difficult People Disappear™ is a fun keynote that increases your attendance because everyone wants to know how. Others will bring their difficult people and end up laughing together. Make Difficult People Disappear™ teaches them:
  • How others are more different than difficult
  • How to stop taking anyone else’s behavior personally
  • How to assess, address, and modify their own behavior
With an in-session personality assessment, many entertaining stories, and more than 15 real world tips, this keynote is engaging, entertaining and surprisingly informative for all audiences.

Help Me Understand™
(The Power of an Idea Everyone Gets)

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In leadership, it's teams that gets things done, but few leaders really know how to create, maintain, and support a thriving team. Knowing how to get others to collaborate, communicate, and cooperate is where the best ideas happen and results start to rise. Help Me Understand™ will do just that by turning your audience on to the ways team members think. Leaders will learn to clarify their message. Bring teams together with those they lead and let’s get them to understand each other better so they can get more done together. Through the use of emotional intelligence and guidance on how to use it, Help Me Understand™ will reduce their stress and remove much of the office drama and mess. Leaders will become better coaches and employees will become more motivated with Help Me Understand™.


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