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Results Oriented Training Classes

Why Use Training From Contagious Companies?

You want to use Contagious Companies' training courses and trainer when you want your leaders to learn how to lead. With more than 25 years of training experience our founder has designed more than 100 modules of training suited to meet the needs of the adult learner. Fun, engaging, informative, and results-oriented, our training programs will help your managers become better leaders.

How are Contagious Companies' Training Courses Different from Public Seminar Training Courses?

As a former contract trainer for a public seminar company, our founder has specifically seen the gaps in these courses. A Contagious Companies training course is built on theories of adult learning and uses all three learning modalities for increased retention. Our courses also include a focus on emotional intelligence with the inclusion of a personality quiz. Contagious Companies focuses in on the needs of your employees and learners with laser like precision and actually addresses the specific need that got you to send them to a training class or bring in one of our trainers. No one sells you stuff you don't need and our trainers have more than 50 years of combined experience in meeting your leadership training needs.

Why Should I Use an Outside Vendor to Provide my Leadership Training?

An internal training team often lacks the credibility your leaders need in order to learn new skills. If the trainer has not held the level of your participants, participants may not pay attention or stay engaged in the process. Much as you would with your own home, you might like to try to fix the plumbing on your own, but when you get tired of the trips to the hardware store to fix more problems, you call an expert. We're that expert in leadership training.

May I Use Contagious Companies' Curriculum?

Yes. Leader's Guides and participant guides are available for purchase for many of our courses and your in-house training team. See those courses now.

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Your leadership style and strengths change how you lead and are perceived by others. Find out how you lead with this quick online assessment.

Contagious Companies provides leadership skill assessments that determine natural and conditioned leadership traits and attributes.

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