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Why Contagious?

...because everything you say, do, think, believe, and how you behave rubs off on those you lead. Leadership is contagious and you want to make sure your leaders are helping others “catch” the right stuff! Contagious Companies, Inc. trains and develops your new and veteran managers and leaders to become better communicators, motivators, coaches, and team builders who develop better employees and produce more results.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Whether Contagious Companies' valued clients are raving about our training courses, our professional speaker, Monica Wofford, our resources, our webinars or their experience with our results oriented training and consulting process, our clients rave have shared their opinions and we continue to exceed their expectations!

"Monica was engaged to help us develop a comprehensive leadership training program... she developed 26 modules providing three stages of training development. Over the course of our 15 month relationship, she thoughtfully incorporated our culture, mission and values while carefully considering the audience. As a result, we now have a comprehensive Leadership University curriculum. Her efforts directly contributed to a reduction in attrition resulting in annualized savings in excess of $1.1M!" M Tripp, Connextions Call center

“Make Difficult People Disappear goes beyond personality profiles and difficult people by sharing tools that will help you improve your company’s composition and keep you from overlooking the significance of knowing how to relate to those you work with and your customers. It’s a must read for leaders wanting to improve themselves, their teams, and their organizations!” Phillip Vincent, Field Enablement Lead, LATAM, Canada

“A wise bit of advice from a woman who knows what she’s doing when it comes to leadership!” Imad Radd, Ground Safety/Security Senior Manager, Royal Jet Group

“If your focus is on developing a strong team, improving your guest’s experience, and reducing your own leadership stress… read this book.” Terry Prather, President, Sea World Parks of Orlando

“Have you ever wondered if you are the difficult person that others want to make disappear? If so, this engaging fable is for you. It will help you identify traits and actions in your own life to improve your leadership skills and produce dynamic, fully functioning teams within your organization.” Michael Mowdy, CLU®, ChFC®, Agent
State Farm Insurance

“Everyone has at least one person they wish would disappear. Exit Houdini, enter Monica. There is no magic to making this happen, but there are ways to make it work, happily ever after. Monica Wofford has crafted the answers that you can use the minute you buy, read, and implement this book.” Jeffrey Gitomer
author of The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude

“The journey up the corporate ladder can be filled with its fair share of difficult labels, particularly for women. But, this book finally proves that it isn’t all about gender or all about position, but all about who we are and what we say to ourselves and others. If you want to remove your own difficult labels AND be able to work with those you think are difficult, do not miss this book. Four words: “BUY IT, then READ IT” Kathleen Leischen
Sr. Director of Marketing Research, Office Depot

For those that lead inside, and outside, the home, Contagious Companies is a page I recommend following. What I love most about Monica's posts and Monday Moment audio casts is her sense of practicality. Straight-forward, low or non "whoo-whoo" counsel. Advice you can understand and apply without first getting a PhD in industrial psychology. Suzanne Mulet, Facebook

Monica sure has provided me with many meaningful positive leadership skills . I have purchased several of her books for myself and my colleagues, as well as attended a few of her workshops. Thank you for being courageous and bold enough to address several topics that most leaders never really deal with. Joyce Smith
Florida Blue

“Good seminar full of useful ideas to implement” Daniel Jacob Davis, Alabama State Department of Education

“Monica is great, very knowledgeable, and keeps you totally interested in her presentation. She makes you want to do better.” Ronnie W. Parris, Field Support Services, Fort Rucker

“Monica is a very energetic leader. She kept us all interested.” Christy Cook, Russell Corp

“Helped me to learn better communication skills. She is an excellent speaker.” Gentle Dental Care, Nebraska

“Encourages new managers that there is no perfect way to always be a good manager but to always strive to be a good manager.” South Central State Bank

“Helped me to look at the big picture when I thought I already was looking at the big picture.” Country Pride Restaurant

“It met my expectations in every way. What I learned today will stay with me for the rest of my life. I really appreciate your love for what you do and it showed in the way you delivered the message. My customers will benefit from your thoroughness and detail that you projected to me.” Chris Waller, Servis Pros

“Excellent, easy to follow, entertaining.”

“Will use these skills in my home AND my office.”

“I found this class to be very enjoyable. It assisted me in how to communicate effectively, was very funny, and kept my attention. I truly enjoyed it and learned new skills. “

“...practical, real, well presented, and organized.”

“Monica is very interesting, animated, and enjoyable. It’s often difficult to listen to one person speak for an entire day. Monica made it enjoyable. Thank you!” L. Radford, Ashland Community Hospital

“Entertaining, as well as educational. Not a single dull moment.” Melissa Herron, Medford Better Housing

“Very inspirational and informative.” Pat Palumbo, Asante Health Systems

“Monica was the most energetic and entertaining leader I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.” R. Young, Canteen Vending

“Gave me a boost – a shot in the arm – affirmation – insight as to how to do my job better.” Della Davis, Sunset Plumbing

“Exceeded my expectations.” Vanessa Julian, Lumberman’s Insurance

“Monica is a supreme seminar leader. Had no difficulty staying for the whole seminar!” Garth Carr, Precision Imaging

“This class was a 10++”

“Monica made the entire seminar exciting. Her sense of humor and understanding of human behavior made the seminar. I would request her personally to do training for ALL employees.” Betty Frizell, Fredricksburg Auto Auction

“Such common sense and good delivery. I want Monica at work with me!” Pamela Rieser, Erickson Retirement Community

“I expected to learn skills needed to better customer service and I got that and then some. Monica was really great and I will be grateful forever for her time.” Sandra Worthey, Spratley Middle School

“Good content, excellent seminar leader.” J. Reed, U.S Navy

“...very down to earth presentation that kept learners comfortable, involved and ensures their understanding.”

“I think Monica was a great speaker/presenter, very energetic, personable, and non-threatening. She is easy going and I would attend another one of her seminars in a minute!” Veronica Parks, Wellspan Health, York Hospital

“...very personable, very animated, energetic, passionate, and motivated...”

“Excellent seminar with an enthusiastic leader. Monica has plenty of real-life examples an mixed these with humor to create a great learning experience.” J.A. Shaffer, Bucknell University

“Excellent seminar – Monica is a dynamic speaker – much audience participation. I truly enjoyed every minute and was impressed that Monica remembered everyone’s names!” Susan Shiffer, Wellspan Health

“I enjoyed having Monica speak and she has the experience to make it real, instead of a talking head that just explains the book.” Amy Amelotti, Quebecor World Premedia

“It opened my mind on a system of how to. It also gave me other areas to pursue to improve.” Tim Stephens, Arrow Lift Accessibility

“Monica was Rock-Awesome! I’ve never had such an enjoyable seminar – I took so much more away from this than any other. I would attend all of her seminars!” Spring Sibbert, Central Minnesota Juvenile Court

“Monica brought in real life examples. She not only taught from the workbook, but she spoke to our hearts.” Kati Arneson, Heartland Glass

“Ms. Wofford was contagiously enthusiastic and is extremely knowledgable!” Allen Hengst, WCL Law Library

“She has an enchanting way of capturing the audience’s interest.”

“Monica was exceptionally relevant and effective. She involved the audience very well.” Mike Baggerly, U.S. Mint

“...energetic, effective, engaging!!” H. Zeller, Astra-Zeneca

“This seminar was well worth my time and effort and my department’s money.” John Salazar, Midvale Police Department

“...connected well with the group, able to engage everyone in participation. She’s a perfect 10! A dynamic presenter and speaker!.”

“Monica has a natural ability to inspire and evoke a response from the attendees. Thank you for a great day!” Shellie Sauerwhile, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

“This was the first time I have left a seminar thinking I would use and be excited about the material. I can’t wait for my next training meeting!” Bill Rogers, Advantage Rent-A-Car

“Today was wonderful! I’m glad it was fun and easy going. Training can be fun – Monica proved this. I learned a lot!” Katherine Rodriguez, University of Texas Health Services

“Monica was extremely motivating, energetic, and informative... a top notch motivational speaker.” Marta Brewington, Kirkwood-Webster Family YMCA

"Contagious Leadership allows you to market your leadership skills to those you lead, just as you would market to customers. It's a guide that will enable you to attract, lead, and motivate your most important customers... those that you have the privilege of leading!" Orvel Ray Wilson, co-author of “Guerrilla Selling”

“The seminar superseded my expectations and I am very glad that I was able to attend. Monica was very entertaining and so enjoyable to listen to. She used so many examples that I could relate to and the group activities were a great hands on experience. Monica is a wonderful public speaker!” Holly Culling, Embassy Properties

“It was great! I learned a lot about skills I can use in organizing my work day.” Rose Bakke, Minnesota State University Moorhead

“Monica was very effective. She is lively, funny, and knowledgeable. Great facilitator!” Heike Abeers, Midwest Medical Insurance

“Monica was FABULOUS! Learned a lot, laughed a lot, and did some great networking, too!” Brenda Machovsky, Minneapolis College

“Fantastic, Enthusiastic Trainer – Good interaction with audience. Good Handout –great reference – “my new Bible”. Great “everyday” examples that everyone can relate to” Susan Russell, Badger Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired

“Motivated me to take action.” Carolyn Rainis-Robbins, Foley & Larden

“Great energy level, good suggestions on what methods work and why.” Greg Hagg, Sherwin Williams

“Monica was a very vivaicious informative presenter. Her presentation was very effective!” Eric Lindroth, Pierce Laminated Products

“...connected well with the group, able to engage everyone in participation. She’s a perfect 10! A dynamic presenter and speaker!.”

“Not only gave helpful ideas for work, it went into personal life areas that was a very pleasant surprise. Monica is an excellent speaker and made this seminar very upbeat and enjoyable.” Lora Banonas, Swedish American Hospital

"Monica is the living embodiment of the concept of 'contagious leadership' Her enthusiasm, charisma, laughter and energy are all wonderfully contagious! She can teach you the skills that 'contagious leaders' know." Gregory J.P. Godek, bestselling author, "1001 Ways To Be Romantic"

“I thought Monica was very efficient and really knew what she was talking about. I was engaged all day long!” Tara Wilkens, Minnesota State University

“Very enthusiastic, energetic speaker. She obviously LOVES was she does! She should consider being a comedienne!” Barb Ulbrich, Cardiovascular Consultants

“Monica was fabulous and her enthusiasm added to the enjoyment of the class.” Lora Burback, Bartolotta Restaurant Ground

“The best seminar I have ever been to – very motivational and “user-friendly” – things I can realistically incorporate into both my work and home life. Great speaker! Made the class not only interesting but also FUN! :)” Heidi Doedens, Copesan Services

“Very hands on – Very good speaker!” Patti Zurla, Re/Max Advantage

“Very motivating – too bad I can’t bring her home with me!” Tami Lancaster, St.Mary’s Medical Center

“I enjoyed the seminar a lot. She made the material very interesting and has a great personality to keep the attention of the group.” Lisa Smith, Milestone, Inc

“I view it as a privilege to have met Monica and been taught by such a caring person who has a sincere interest I my professional education and me as a person. There are only a few people that have left an indelible mark on my life and she is one of them.” Kenneth C. Breetz, Walt Disney World Co

The book [Contagious Leadership] is a 'Call to Action' for developing personal responsibility and leadership. Monica's enthusiasm, knowledge and heightened optimism will convince you of your innate potential for leadership. Very inspirational, motivating, and contagious! Dr. Debbie Townley, Director of Academic Affairs, University of Phoenix

“Outstanding information on all topics – very valuable info! Monica presented it all with wonderful examples – all in a fun way – very animated and delightful. Excellent! Monica was fabulous, very entertaining, and fun!” Linda Curtis, United States Tennis Association

“Monica is awesome! Very enthusiastic, passionate, & contagious!” P. Wright, Life in the Word, Inc.

"Monica has exceptional platform skills. My initial reaction was that she was simply a very gifted, natural-born trainer and speaker. But the more I thought about it, I knew that skills like hers are neither spontaneous nor natural. She had to have worked hard to look so good! That is an even more impressive accomplishment" R. Alan Smith, J.D., The Political Navigator™

“I really enjoyed the whole seminar and am very happy to have met Monica. She is a very nice person. Monica listens to what you have to say and is very helpful in getting you to understand your role as a leader. I will now be able to tactfully handle certain situations more effectively.” Tim Collins, Indigo Manor

“Contagious Leadership is a seminar-in-a-book. It's both practical and simple. Read it and apply it. The people you lead will be glad you did." Tony Alessandra, PhD
Author of The Platinum Rule, The Art of Managing People and CHARISMA

“Monica was great! Her enthusiasm and sense of humor were contagious. She makes you really feel like you have the ability and new knowledge to make changes.” J. Thompson, United Way

"I really enjoyed the facts and numbers that were quoted. Everything about her seminar was perfect from the start to the end." D. Couch, Oklahoma Division of Veteran's Administration

“This was an excellent seminar and found to be very educational” Rick Inglett, Florida Hospital

“I found Monica's seminar extremely worthwhile and have a new attitude towards my job, family, and life in general.” S. Paxis, Grand Crowne Resorts

“Monica was very, very good. One of the best facilitators I have witnessed in my over 36 years of taking seminars.” Mr. D. Martin, Honeywell FM&T

“Excellent content and presentation. Enjoyed life stories and enthusiasm. It pointed me in the directions I feel I needed to go.” Brian Forrest, Florida Public Utilities

“Would like to take another of Monica’s courses! She is a very good, very enthusiastic instructor.” Kaylene Squitieri, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

Clients who are glad they chose us!
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