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Book on Dealing with Difficult People


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Make Difficult People Disappear™

"If your focus is on developing a strong team, improving your guest's experience, and reducing your own leadership stress... read this book." TERRY PRATHER, PRESIDENT SEAWORLD® PARKS OF ORLANDO

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Make Difficult People Disappear™ is chock full of tips, ideas, and techniques that you can easily apply to your work and home quickly, simply and with ease. You’ll learn:

  • How to shift your thinking
  • What labels work and which ones cause damage
  • What you can do to keep difficult people out of your office
  • How to engage employees to put their 'wheels' in motion
  • When your expectations need to change
  • How to identify and work with all the personalities in your office
  • How to conduct your very own "disappearing act"

Here’s what just a few of our readers have had to say:

"Monica's new book goes beyond personality profiles and difficult people... it's a must read for leaders wanting to improve themselves, their teams and their organizations. PHILLIP VINCENT, MICROSOFT
"Everyone has at least one person they wish would disappear. Exit Houdini, enter Monica. There is no magic to making this happen, but there are ways to make it work, happily ever after. Monica Wofford has crafted the answers that you can use the minute you buy, read, and implement, this book." JEFFREY GITOMER, AUTHOR OF THE LITTLE GOLD BOOK OF YES! ATTITUDE

Not sure what Make Difficult People Disappear™ means? Here is a radio interview in which Monica explains the concept and the process:

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"A wise bit of advice from a woman who knows what she's doing when it comes to leadership" IMAD RAAD, GROUND SAFETY/SECURITY SENIOR MANAGER, ROYAL JET GROUP

Readers worldwide are enjoying the concepts in Make Difficult People Disappear™. To date, books are sold in the US, Europe, the Middle East, and India! Don’t wait for this phenomenon to pass you by. Besides who needs to just deal with difficult people when you can make them go away!!