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This week we’re looking at a conflict called “Eeyor”. Do you work with any “Eeyors” or there any “Eeyors” in your life? Now “Eeyor” is a gray donkey from Winnie the Pooh, a childhood story. He’s often negative and down and flat out cranky. If you say good morning to an “Eeyor” he’s likely to say, “oh, what’s good about it”. How many of those are you hanging around with? And, how much impact is it having on your attitude, your spirit, and your life? Be careful who you hang around with and how you let them impact your day. Your goal this week and this Monday is to maintain a sense of “things are going to be ok”! And things in fact are going to be great! No “Eeyors” going to get in your way of having a great day!

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