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The question for today is how does a low or even no training budget impact the landscape and leadership of your organization? With stress levels and a sense of fear on the rise your likely experiencing more attitude, more row and contagious confidence issues than before. But now, how do you address these issues when you’ve been told there’s no money or very little money for training? Here are a few tips to try: Implement a drive-by coaching methodology where you coach people “on the fly” as you’re walking by and with little pieces of information at a time. Also, focus on performance as opposed to behavior or attitude. Performance being number spaced, quota based and actual data that you can point to. Third: implement a suggested reading list for those who report to you. Fourth: Get smaller training options like books, CD’s or DVD’s for your personal or professional library that many can read or listen to instead of a face -to -face training course. Finally, give 30- minute event cards to those who report to you. Let them come into your office, get the emotion out of the way and then move on about their day. Times like these are cyclical, but your role as a leader is still to develop those who report to you. It just may mean now that you have to get more creative.

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