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Have you had any changes in your life recently? Big ones OR little ones, I think we all experience change of one kind or another. The key question is what do you when things change? Do you make lemonade out of lemon or lemon drop martini, as one of my friends is fond of saying? Do you let those changes erode your confidence and the way you lead your day? Likely it depends on the type of change.

To give you an example, this weekend in Florida, we had snow and freezing temperatures. Now if you live up north, you’re gonna have to work with me here. But, in Florida SNOW is unusual and we don’t have a clue how to deal with the cold and there were people who really struggled with having to change any outdoor plans to something more indoorsey and warm. The news even put out a poll about “How did the weather affect your weekend plans”. It’s a little change, an unexpected change, but a change nonetheless. If this were you, would you freak out at having to move the function indoors or would you simply roll with it and find an indoor venue with a fireplace and enjoy the more cozy environment?

What if something major changes? Do you get stuck in the blame game and the fact that things changed beyond your control? Well, life happens and it’s not always fair, in fact, someone said to me once “a Fair is something that only comes to town once a year, and this ain’t it.” Life happens and so do changes and ho you handle them is an indicator of your confidence level and your ability to lead your life.

So, next time something changes, practice rolling with it. In fact, perhaps plan a few contingencies just in case something changes so that you feel more control. Believe that you have what you need to make the change and/or to learn the new skills required to deal with it and most of all, don’t panic. Change is what makes life exciting and what opens new doors and new opportunities. After all, if we didn’t have even little changes to deal with, life would get ever so slightly boring, don’t you think.

Oh, and just to help you practice a bit, we sent out our Monday Moment just a wee later than normal. It’s a tiny change and one that likely didn’t affect your life in large ways… but life if often about the little things.

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