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How you see your day is how others will see it through you? Your vision is just as contagious as everything else we do, see, say, believe and behave, so I ask you how are you seeing your day today?

I would offer that there are three ways to look at it:

The first is through a rear view mirror? Are you looking back and behind you and examining all that you could have, should have, would have done if it weren’t for whatever reason? Are you picking apart previous actions over which you no longer have any influence, much less control? This view will sabotage your day and quite candidly might even cause you to wreck it by not paying attention to what is in front of you. And if you are a contagious leader and others are following you, that wreck could turn into quite a pile up.

The second view is through a microscope and as we talk about all things contagious, this one seems very fitting. Much like scientists view a germ or a cell when trying to find its most minute characteristics, are you looking at your day through a microscope? Are you seeing the one tiny blemish on the petal of one tiny flower in a field of green grass, big trees, and beautiful mountains with sunshine that warms the entire valley like a cozy cabin fire? Sometimes prolonged focus on the head of one pin that causes us to miss the fact that we hold a giant pin cushion, scissors, and bolts of fabric in the sewing room of life can be damaging. Okay, I have no idea where that analogy came from, but let’s just say Mom, with all of your talents in sewing, that one was for you.

The third view is one I have borrowed from playing polo. It’s called all around vision and it helps you keep one eye on the ball, one on your other team mates, one on that big goal post, and one of the entire field. Not to say that you need to acquire four eye balls to have this kind of vision, but today might be the day that you look not only at the big picture, but that picture and where you are in it. Chances are you in just the right place at just the right time and if not, a larger vision will help you get there more quickly.

Our vision, our culture, our confidence, our communication, and our leadership are all, in fact contagious. Make sure today that you are sharing with others exactly what you want them to catch. That’s your Monday Moment and I’m Monica Wofford, and of course, in the most positive of all ways… Stay Contagious!

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