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Have you ever known someone who reacted to every little thing in a not so positive way? It needs to not be the leader of your organization. Ever known someone who took the world completely seriously all the time, with few exceptions? I hope that’s not you or your leader. How about this, have you known someone who speaks consistently far more than they listen and suddenly gets the “something shiny syndrome” when you speak up or out about something? I think you get it. If you are spending your time being far more serious than most situations warrant, or having stressed out reactions when mistakes are made, or failing to adhere to the ratio of two ears versus one mouth and using those in proportion, then you are not being an effective leader. Among other things, leaders laugh, learn, and listen.

So today, no matter how tired you are, no matter how much stress you feel your facing, and no matter how much you already think you know, look for opportunities to laugh a little, learn something, and listen a lot. Even if all you lead are those little voices that chat with you from the space between your ears, you’ll be a better leader of them, of those you lead, and of those in your office if you’ll keep those three things in mind. In fact I think you’ll find that those three things will do wonders for your ability to develop employees who stay longer, complain less, and produce more.

Lead well today, and of course stay contagious!

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