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A leader’s role is to develop other leaders. Sounds simple enough. Well, if that is the case, then what are you doing today to develop other leaders and are you aware of how much your behavior influences the culture of your organization. We spoke last week about Contagious Culture and it bears further investigation.

We all know we talk to ourselves. Well, at least most of us do. Take a moment to ask yourself that question if you’re not sure. Okay, so we talk to ourselves, but do we allow the sharing of communication, ideas, brainstorming and information with others? Does the culture of your office allow for a free flowing of conversation without judgment? Is this done in the form of gossip or do you have a positive culture that supports even those who may not share your style or your personality preference?

If not, consider this:
– Organizations that respect and value the unique talents and contributions of all who work there, enjoy higher morale and greater productive success.
– Leaders who encourage ideas to be shared freely without judgment often find solutions to hard to solve problems faster and with more buy in from employees.
– Teams with a well balanced mix of styles and personalities are far more likely to succeed and get the right things done, while having fun, and leaving everyone with a feeling of value.

If that is the kind of culture you are looking for in your organization, the kind of morale, the kind of success, then take a close look at what you are developing, encouraging, molding, shaping, directing, and leading. Leadership is a privilege and a responsibility and it’s time to take a close look at how you are leading those you work with and the culture they create.

For more information on the personality preferences in your office and the well balanced mix that you may or may not have, go to www.contagiouscoaching.com or call our office directly at 1-866-382-0121 for a personalized consultation on how the CORE® tool might make a world of difference for you and that team you lead.

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