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In all that I read and have learned about having a successful business, one element that stands out is the need to have a product, service, or system that is easily repeatable, duplicatable, and needed. Do you offer such a product, service, or system? Do your customers know how to repeat it and use it?
For example, our ten step Contagious Leadership™ program is one that any manager, novice or pro, junior or senior, tenured or not, can learn, implement, and reap the results from. Once you know the steps through training or coaching, you, as a manager can put them into place and then teach them to those you lead, work with, report to, and promote.

What can your customer do with the services, products and systems you offer? Much like viral marketing is a successful strategy, making sure that what you offer has the ability to be contagious, is a key to a sustainable and successful business. Perhaps you offer a product that everyone needs and will tell their friends about. The need is there and the desire is what becomes contagious! Maybe you provide a service that is seen as a commodity, and if priced right, can be easily repeated over and over with any many clients as express interest.

If not, examine the offerings you share with your customers and determine what is keeping them from being easily repeated. Certainly, you don’t want to have a vaccine, that cures your client of a need to use your offering ever again after the first time, but it happens all over our marketplace. The goal is to help your organization become more contagious and provide the type of product, service, or system that many others want to catch on to and spread the word about.

I’m Monica Wofford and that’s your Monday Moment. Remember, everything from your Communication to your company Culture, from your Confidence to your Leadership is contagious! Are you sharing what you want others to catch?

Happy Monday and of course, stay contagious!

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