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If you are a fan of Saturday Night Live, you might remember Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy. Well, this Monday we have a deep thought, but one worth pondering. Who are you? It seems a simple question but often a tough one to answer. But,do you know the answer?

We know that who we are is contagious, but in the next few minutes, we’ll look at three key questions that we and others ask when describing ourselves, and how the answers to those questions might not be as accurate as we’ve come to believe.

Are you the labels you give yourself?
In an introduction, people will ask your name and what you do? Is this who you are? Maybe your answer is a director, a manager, or a contagious leader. Maybe you say you’re a mom, a dad, a husband, or a friend. These are labels and descriptions of roles or behaviors versus the totality of who you are. Does one label really cover who you are or is there more? And more so, instead of being clear on who the authentic you might be, are you fakin it til you make it or comfortable in your own skin?

Are you the job you perform?
Sometimes we identify ourselves with our job title. Yet if that job changes or we retire, we are left wondering who we are or asking “what do I want to be when I grow up?” You are more than your job and in fact, you are more than your labels. Consider this, what if who you were, was whatever and whomever you wanted to be? What’s stopping you from this? Really? Aren’t you the only one who can really get in your own way? If you’re your own best barrier, it will keep you from being fully engaged in your job, your life, your family, and your goals. There’s more to you than the job you perform.

Are you what others tell you, you are?
Dr. Buffington, co-founder of the CORE® Profile, states that whenever someone says “You are _____”, it is a form of manipulation. They are subtly attempting to get you to believe what they say about you. Do you believe what others tell you or are you of the belief that “what others think about you, is none of your business?”

The likely truth is that you are who you say you are and whatever that might be, it is spreading to others and populating their perception and beliefs about you. You identity is a combination of labels from you and from others, roles you have played and experiences labeled good or bad, or right or wrong, as well as the influence of the opinions of others. However, this morning, let’s take a lesson from Deb Erickson, author of Get out of the Rut, and on with your Life. You are who you claim to be, who you profess to be, and who you want to be. Soooo, who is that person that you want to be, is that what you are sharing with others and do you believe that it’s possible to be that person?

I’m Monica Wofford and that’s your Monday Moment. Ponder this question this morning and be aware that however you answer it, is positively contagious!

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