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Have you ever said you’re just sick and tired of something? Be careful, your brain is listening. In fact, it listens to whatever you say without question. If you say “I’m tired”, well, then it says “okay” and helps you feel more tired.

Much like our thoughts and behaviors are contagious in that they spread to others, they also impact your own energy level. If you really are tired, then maybe some more sleep is in order, but chances are your fatigue is just as much mental as physical. In fact, one source of fatigue is in authenticity, or said another way – “fakin’ it til you make it”. Take the time to glance at or even examine how much energy you spend covering up the real you. It takes far more effort to act as if you feel a certain way, than to merely feel what you feel. Now, there is an important note here – you know how when you fake being happy, lo and behold, your mood becomes happier. Well, the same works in the reverse and frankly, most of us aren’t faking an emotional state, we’re faking how we feel. We’re suppressing our dislike of something when we really don’t approve. We’re acting like we want to be in charge and driven and ambitious when we really don’t. We’re acting… often.. period. And it’s exhausting.

Being yourself and allowing your natural behaviors, needs, styles, and talents to show themselves regularly will actually energize you immensely. But, if you walk around being June Cleaver when you’re inner Hillary is yelling at you, that will make you tired. If you are behaving large and in charge, when your real self would rather foster relationships than order folks around, then you’ll be tired, and usually cranky, but this is about being tired.

Think of it this way. Does your car run better on the right or wrong gas? Do you feel better when you eat the right or wrong foods? Would you feel better if you got to be the right and real you or if you had to continually act like someone else? We know the answers. You feel better being you and it causes less stress and creates less negativity. And plus, isn’t the real you worth having others “catch” a glimpse of versus whomever we might try to act like sometimes? You Bet! And by the way, being positive and happy, which some have to fake, is actually a natural state and one that you will no longer have to fake when you give yourself permission to be authentic.

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