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Good morning and Happy Monday. I’m Monica Wofford and this is your Monday Moment!

If you’ve heard even one of our previous Monday Moments, you’re probably familiar with how everything you do, say, think, believe, and behave is contagious. You probably also know this applies to your contagious company culture, your contagious leadership, your contagious communication, and even your own sense of contagious confidence. Wow, that’s a lot of contagious and there’s a lot you already know, because you’re just that good. But, did you know that just because someone tries to give you some of their contagious behavior, that you don’t have to accept it? Hmmm…

Let’s look at a couple of examples:

If your boss is stressed today and tries to share that stress with you, do you have to accept that and take it in and alter your mood to one of frustration or fear or irritation? Well, no. In fact, try being fascinated instead of frustrated as your mood is YOUR choice, not theirs.

If someone calls you a name or gives you their description of your behavior, do you have to accept it as truth? Well, no. You get to choose whether or not their viewpoint of accuracy is one you will allow to spread into your perception of you. Now, if fifteen people describe you this way, that might be worth looking into, but you get the idea.

The behavior and beliefs of others and you are in fact, contagious. But, today I want you to be consciously aware of your own authenticity and just how much of other people’s stuff you allow to spread to you. Authenticity is a big piece as it will determine how clear you are on who you are and what you’re made of and thus, how easily the opinions, beliefs and behaviors of others impact you. Yes, it’s all contagious, but that doesn’t mean you have to catch it all.

And by the way, to learn more about authenticity and your own level of engagement in life and at work and how to brace even more effectively against the perceptions and behaviors of others, join us at the next contagious conference in Orlando on April 28th. Check it out at www.contagiousconferences.com.

I’m Monica Wofford and that’s your Monday Moment. Stay aware today and of course, stay contagious!

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