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When you’re a Contagious Leader, your character comes into play and of course, too, is contagious. So much so that the very core of your character is something that others watch and often emulate. What kind of character do you demonstrate?

One area of character leaders can posses is the tendency to control things. This works great for projects, but not so well for people. A need to control is often a part of the very personality usually promoted into leadership and it’s a useful element, unless it’s carried too far. Being a control “freak” is not a useful trait or as beneficial as we might think and that leads me to our key question. Are you attempting to control the behavior of others or do you allow others to be who they are and grow into their own potential? Are you also aware that there is a difference between allowing and tolerating?

If at the core of your character is a need to control, you may have found it works on some things, but is in fact, less effective on people. Further, when you find it hard to control people different from you, you may have developed the viewpoint that if you can just tolerate their behavior, you can get by. Tolerating is resisting the temptation for their behavior to bug you. Allowing them to be who they are removes your resistance to being bothered and reduces your own stress. You merely allow them to be who they are without judgment or a need to control their behavior or actions.

Take a look at your own contagious character this week and all of its elements and answer these questions for yourself. Are you resisting and tolerating or are you allowing and helping to develop? If you’re not sure and want to learn more, join us at the Contagious Conference in Orlando on April 28th as this will be a part of our curriculum and key concepts we work with in getting to the core of who you are and who you work with. To find out more, go to www.contagiousconferences.com and register to save your seat. We’ll see you soon.

Ah, and on allowing others to be themselves, that also applies to you. Are you going to allow you to just be you today? Or will you insist on faking it til you make it? Hehe. We’ve all done it and today, maybe it’s time to make that a less emphasized part of your Contagious character.

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