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Have you ever noticed that some people, even in times of stress, illness, change or crisis, just seem happy? They always seem to be in a good mood. They always see that silver lining and they always see the glass half full? In fact, someone told e once that optimists always see the glass half full, pessimists see the glass half empty and pragmatists see the glass and think eventually I’m going to have to wash that glass. Ha! At any rate, you might have called these people optimists, whereas, personally, I call them folks with Contagious Charisma.
Are you one of these people? You could be, but it does take focus. Contagious Charisma is something you see in Contagious Leaders. It’s something those with Contagious Confidence™ also embody and it’s not the same as being “Miss Mary Sunshine!” In fact, hers’ how you can boost your supply of Contagious Charisma just in case your supply is running low:
1. Believe in your ability to handle anything and everything that comes your way until and unless proven otherwise. If you think about it, most of us do this backwards – believing that we can’t before we even try.
2. Focus all o fyour attention on those things you really want. Keep your eye on those desired positive outcomes, period.
3. Hang out and surround yourself with those who energize, engage, and excite you, while avoiding those who seem to suck the very energy out of a room and attempt to take your charisma with them. Remember, you are the only one in charge of what they take.
Contagious Charisma is a state of mind and a choice, and what some might call a responsibility. To be a Contagious Leader, you have to act in a way worth following. To have Contagious Confidence™, you have to believe in you and maintain a sense of energy, or what I call charisma. No matter what, it’s all Contagious!
That’s your Monday Moment and I’m Monica Wofford. We’ll see you soon and Stay Contagious!
To learn more about your ability to gain more charisma by being authentic and comfortable being you, check out www.contagiousconferences.com for our upcoming event on Wednesday, April 28, 2010. Register today as spots are filling up quickly and we want YOU there! See you soon!

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