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We really don’t have to do it all by ourselves and yet, so much of what we do is geared that way. If you’re a Contagious Leader™ with a title, you’re the only one with that title in that department, so it’s all on you, right? Wrong. If you have Contagious Confidence™, it’s now all about you and what you can accomplish all on your own, right? Wrong. I’ll say it again. We really don’t have to do it all by ourselves.
Once you realize your efforts, attitude, and directions are contagious, then it’s time to surround yourself with others who have similar thoughts and goals and go forth and conquer. I learned that we don’t have to do it alone, partly the hard way, as one who is singularly driven from the inside and moves in the direction of her desire, and partly from my colleague who has pointed out and proven repeatedly that though I can get a lot done on my own, I can accomplish so much more, so much better with others. In fact, his name is Steven Placey and we’ve begun a series of Master Mind groups together. Thanks Steve and we’ll share more information on that another time. The key right now is to realize that when you authentically engage in Contagious Collaboration, your achievements increase exponentially while your efforts stay the same or seem easier.
Wow, so how do you do it? How do you authentically engage others in Contagious Collaboration? Well, first you might try to:

1. Remember What You Want and Find Others with Similar Goals. It’s still true that you are the average of the five folks you hang out with the most, so go out and find some like minds. But first, get clear on what you are trying to really accomplish. You’re not looking for minions, you’re building a team!
2. Pay Attention to Personalities. While not everyone will think or act exactly as you do, like minds don’t mean you need to all be clones of each other. Find the personalities that compliment and coordinate well with each other. Someone who likes to have fun will help that person who is all about getting it done keep their sanity in the process.
3. Believe in Yourself. This is a toughie. There is so much reinforcement that says you can’t have all that you want, but it’s all bologna! If you can imagine it, you have the skills to create it. The rest is about resources and maybe those others you are looking to partner with have just the resource you think you’re missing.
There is a reason you want what you want and there are folks out there who want the same thing. Neither party needs to be a solo show. Neither party has to go it alone. Who wants to be in charge all the time of their own independent dominion, when you can share the load, share the work, and share the results? The important piece is the results, right? So, what are you waiting for? Authentically engage yourself in a Contagious Collaboration™ that helps you get there!

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