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Good morning and Happy Monday. I’m Monica Wofford and this is your Monday Moment.

Confidence, which is different than self-esteem, is the belief that you CAN do something and yes, it’s contagious. Many of us have confidence in one area or another. In fact, in its simplest form, confidence is what keeps us going, even driving our cars, or doing our jobs – that simple belief that, well…we CAN. But, have you ever noticed that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. In other words, having the confidence to do something means you have the capacity, but the real question is do you just have the capacity to do something or are you absolutely cut out to do it?

This question was inspired from a TV program of all things, but it intrigued me when the head of a crime solving office turned in her letter of resignation stating her reason for leaving was that she had the capacity to do her job, but never felt like she was cut out to do her job. What it sounded like she was trying to say was that it never felt natural for her.

How many things do you do that you certainly have the capacity for, or have at least developed such a capacity? When we talk about CORE® Profile Personalities with our coaching clients, many of us find that we have developed the capacity to behave one way when we’re really cut out to act another. When we talk about a job title or position, many are capable of the role, but never quite feel cut out for it. In relationships, we have the capacity to allow someone to d o or say certain things, but it doesn’t mean we’re cut out to do those things with them or stay in their presence when they do those things. The list could be endless and yet the question remains… in what you do, say, think, and believe, as well as how you behave, is it something you merely have the capacity for or something you believe you were cut out to perform?

I’m Monica Wofford and that’s your Monday Moment.

Have a great Monday and of course, Stay Contagious!

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