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There are a great many commercials out in the American market that mention or focus on possibilities. Whether it is AT&T, All State, or American Express, they all seem to tell us that anything is possible. And depending on what you read and believe, I am inclined to believe anything IS possible. The challenge most of the time for most of us is that we fail to determine exactly what we want and without that clarity, any old accomplishment, achievement, team result, and personal goal attainment will do.
Well that doesn’t work very well!

As a Contagious Leader, this week spend some time determining both as a leader and with that team you lead, just what is it that you want? What big dreams do you wish to make happen? In fact, here is the latest AT&T “Anything is possible” Commercial for some inspiration.


As an individual with a sense of Contagious Confidence, have you taken a moment to create what it is you believe you can do? Confidence is the belief that you can do something, so what is it that you can do? What do you want to do?

So often, we will have a dream, goal, or even thought… and before we can even begin to make progress on it, we’ll shoot it down, assume it can’t happen, or claim to believe in “realism” and talk ourselves out of such possibilities. My only question to you is what IF anything really were possible?
Your thoughts, goals, dreams, beliefs and behaviors are contagious! Do you want those you lead to hear the same thoughts out loud that you sometimes hear in your head? What is it that you want and what possibilities might you reach for today.

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