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Good morning and Happy Monday! I’m Monica Wofford and this is your Monday Moment.

When in the role of a Contagious Leader, sometimes you will have to conduct the difficult conversation of discipline or even termination and there is a great deal of information on both subjects, in fact, it is something I provide when training leaders. However, how often have you thought about what you do for those star performers? Do you assume that as long as a person is performing and getting praise, they need little or no further development? Do THEY operate on the premise that no news from you, is good news? If so, you might be missing a key opportunity.

You see, people do what they get paid attention for doing and if you think about it, most of your attention is spent on those messing up or performing poorly. But, if you want the star performers to keep up the good job, then giving them a little attention is important, too. Here are a few ways you can give them the attention they deserve and the attention that will continue to drive their positive performance.

Say thank you sincerely and frequently. In other words, notice their efforts, notice their initiative and notice their achievements. Without this acknowledgement, they may decide that what they need to do to get your attention, is to somehow end up on the poor performance roster.

Challenge them to do even more that builds their Contagious Confidence™. Powerful performers are usually internally driven, but they also rise to the challenge. i.e. no challenge, no chase and they might get bored feeling as if they are standing still with no goal for which to reach.

Think twice before you give them more responsibility. Challenging a star performer does NOT necessarily mean a promotion into management or an assignment of a mentee. Star performers who do well in sales for example, will likely make less money when promoted into management and will have less time to sell with a mentee in tow. Think about what motivates the star performer before you dole out the traditional “reward” of promotion. It may not be as motivating as you think.

The bottom line is star performers need attention, too, and when you give them what they need, it’s like adding the right fuel to a car… it will go farther, usually faster, and often more productively.

I’m Monica Wofford and that’s your Monday Moment.

Have a great Monday and of course, stay contagious!

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