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The short answer is YES!

This morning on Facebook I mentioned finishing a product update and said it was just like magic, or rather “Woila! Peanut Butter Sandwiches!” and then asked if anyone remembered that phrase. It’s from Sesame Street and yep, that dates me a bit. But, here’s the irony… I looked UP the video for The Amazing Mumford and his Magic Words of Woila Peanut Butter Sandwiches and there IS actually a video of this clip, but it made me think about things even more! The Amazing Mumford tries to pull a rabbit out of his hat and can’t. Why not? Well, he doesn’t HAVE a rabbit! Huh! Rather than making up all the excuses we create and say as to why we can’t do something, isn’t it often just that simple? “But I CAN’T lead employees on a whole team?” Why not? “Because I just don’t know how yet.” (and the YET is very important) Isn’t it often that simple? And doesn’t that mean that you can LEARN to lead or be a Contagious Leader? Doesn’t that mean that you simply need to acquire new skills, versus meaning you are a bad leader or a failure?? Huh!

Watch the video as sometimes we all need a reminder that solutions to the problems we face really are just that simple at times and it doens’t mean anything negative about us or our abilities. 🙂


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