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Not only IS your leadership contagious, but here’s how you “enter” into everything those employees learn to do because of you.

We already know that everything we see, say, do, believe, and how we behave …rubs off on others. But, how exactly does it rub off? As leaders HOW is our leadership contagious and what are the actions we take that impact others and spread through our workplace like wildfire? Here, in fact, are 17 ways in which our leadership is contagious and what that means for you:

  1. What you say, employees listen to and repeat.
  2. When they repeat it, they often will use “and this is what [YOU] said”, spreading the words AND the influence by using your name.
  3. The way you treat an upset customer can spread confidence or resentment among employees.
  4. If you give the angry customer whatever they want and don’t back up that employee’s initial decision, you might spread resentment.
  5. How you talk about employees in front of others WILL get back to them.
  6. When you share information but leave out key pieces you’re not able to reveal yet, you spread rumors as employees will fill in the missing pieces of information with their own best guesses.
  7. If you don’t know how to do something, but act as if you do, you spread stupidity.
  8. Your bad day, when you brought the broom to work, can be caught by colleagues, employees, and friends.
  9. When you lead a team to do great things and forget to say thank you, “woo-hoo”, or great job, you lead them to believe they need not put forth so much effort next time.
  10. If you delegate only things that are no fun or are already mostly done, you train others to show no creativity. The idea that you delegate poorly will catch on.
  11. If you constantly do things for team members, thinking no one can do this right but you, you literally train the initiative right out of them. The idea that you’ll do it and they don’t have to, spreads.
  12. When you refer to employees as those you have the privilege of leading, you spread respect and show value.
  13. Your demonstration of appreciation to employees who do a good job, in a way that they like to be recognized, not only creates confidence, but will leave them energized for the next project.
  14. What you communicate spreads directions. HOW you communicate those directions, can spread a great need for many corrections, if you’re not clear.
  15. A kind word and an assertive (versus passive or aggressive) request will spread far slower than an aggressive demand, but you’ll be happier with the results.
  16. Your concern and care for those you lead will infect an entire team and may well influence far more than you know.
  17. Leaders who care, share more than direction and development, they shape a person who will reflect that influence for a lifetime.

What are you doing today, without even realizing it, may be rubbing off on those you lead and leaving a lasting impression. Is it the impression you want them talking about when you’re not around? Is it the impression you want them remembering when you are no longer their leader? As a Contagious Leader you have influence, and yes, it’s clearly contagious! However, what kind of influence, respect, care, concern, growth, guidance, motivation, direction, or development are you spreading to those you have the privilege of leading, today?

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