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We laugh at the reference to “SQUIRREL” when we talk about the Entertainer personality and it’s not often that this dominant personality preference is promoted to a senior leadership position, but it does happen! Even those you might perceive to be very linear and logical or hard driving and ambitious, often have a hidden Entertainer style that they keep quiet until just such a need or occasion arises. But how do you handle it if your boss is just a wee bit too Entertainer at times and wants to be the buddy at work, instead of your boss? Do you report to a party animal? Or do those that work with you have a high need for attention, appreciation, see a lot of “squirrels!”, or show emotions more often than you like? Either way, here is some insight into that Entertainer mode:

Entertainer dominant preferences need:

  • To be popular
  • Recognition
  • Appreciation
  • Friendship
  • Freedom from control and detail, including how you give them instructions or request
  • To be heard and to express themselves, even in the office environment

And their preferred environments are:

  • Flexible, friendly and casual even with employees
  • Opportunity for social interaction and development of deeper relationships
  • Opportunity to verbalize proposals/ideas
  • Group interaction outside of job
  • Position of coach or counselor or leader of employee relations

Once you are aware of these needs and preferred environments, you can better understand those you work with on a daily basis who exhibit Entertainer traits. Also, keep in mind that if these needs aren’t met, a person with this dominant preference will experience stress and that might not be a pretty picture. If your boss or an employee you lead is showing you signs of Entertainer like qualities, give them recognition and appreciation before they ask for it, allow them to express their opinions fully before your interrupt, and honor their preference by sharing flexibility and brainstorming time. A proactive approach to meeting the needs of this preference will cut down on their need to enforce their preferences on you and you may find the relationship flourishes because they believe you understand them so well. And in this case, you do!

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