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Merry Christmas to our Contagious colleagues, customers, family, and friends!

It has truly been a memorable year and we are very grateful to have worked with you, gotten to know you better, and to have had the privilege of sharing 2010 with you! As we close another year and many of you are going on vacation, wrapping up the final weeks (and presents!) of 2010, or finding a way to walk away from yet another batch of Christmas goodies or one more Christmas song :) … I wanted to share  our own version of the 12 Days of Christmas (or what we call the 12 tips to ENSURE a CONTAGIOUS CHRISTMAS!).

Tip 12:

Be fascinated by the things your relatives do, versus frustrated. The first will keep you sane, the second might cause you to start throwing things! :)

Tip 11:

Even if “Cows don’t drink milk”, you may still say things out of habit. Pay attention to those automated reactions and remember that  you can only REACT to what someone says if you’re not paying attention to your desired and preferred RESPONSE.

Tip 10:

If the voices in your head repeat the same Christmas jingle until you are blue in the face, give the voices a “severe talking to” and turn on your iPod.

Tip 9:

Remember those who provide services we take for granted all year long…have you picked up or baked a gift for the postal carrier, the sanitation engineers, the nail and hair folks, the door person at home or work… shoot, I know… more Christmas shopping!

Tip 8:

Avoid the temptation to share creative hand gestures and non-verbal communication with the woman who took your space at the mall. Remember you likely have more insurance and could prove it if you wanted (think Fried Green Tomatoes, the movie), but then just go find another space and enjoy the exercise. Oh, and then be fascinated that they still sell drivers’ licenses at Walmart!

Tip 7:

Know that resolutions themselves don’t create a burning desire, they instead make a list we usually want to burn on January 4th or 5th. :)

Tip 6:

If you’ve not looked in the mirror and said “Hey, I’m cool!” lately, be sure to lock the door and talk softly so the relatives don’t think you’re completely nuts … but DO IT, no matter how many sit ups you haven’t had time to do since Thanksgiving. You’re still cool!

Tip 5:

Try to look at the holidays through the eyes of a child, and not an overworked, stressed out, burnt out, tired adult. Find that sense of innocent excitement again and when you do, recognize that it is truly contagious! You can do this… even if it helps to put something extra in your egg nog!

Tip 4:

Remind yourself that the clerk at that store is likely not being difficult, but sees the holidays from a different point of view. Store hours are now 3 am to midnight and she is working a double shift, hasn’t had lunch yet, has to walk 7 miles to her car tonight, and has 30 friends who want her store discount on that item the store sold out of 5 days ago, and she hasn’t finished her shopping either.

Tip 3:

Take the time to breathe. And again… breathe. Maybe even make a list of ALL the things for which you are grateful. #1 you ARE breathing. :)

Tip 2:

Try to determine if the members of your family are Commanders, Organizers, Relaters, or Entertainers… the focus will keep you busy and keep you from taking personally what someone you only see once a year anyway, says without even thinking.

Tip 1:

Remember that whether you know it or not, everything you do, say, think, believe, and how you behave this season and all year long, rubs off on others. Are you an Eyeore at times, a grouch at others, or a Debbie Downer today OR are you a source of positive emotion, energy and encouragement to and for others. Positivity doesn’t require a set of pom-poms, I promise. Your attitude choice is yours and the one you make is Contagious!

Thank you for being a part of our Contagious Community and for all of your support in 2010. 2011 is sure to be powerful, promising, purposeful… and without sounding like I had yet another Mountain Dew for breakfast… POSITIVELY Contagious!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a Fantastic New Year!!

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