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Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions, yet? Or have you fiiiiiinnnnnnnally decided that those are “for the birds”? No matter your viewpoint, the knee jerk reaction and the habit many of us engage when the week begins again, or the month, or even the new year, is to create an entire list of things to re-do or finally “get right” at the start of that next time frame.

The challenge with this way of thinking is not the joy you feel in having a do-over opportunity… it’s the number of things we think we’ll be able to do over, all at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong, my guess is that you can do many things and accomplish anything you wish… yet the likely truth is that you can’t get them all done at the same time. For the greatest success in your list of things to do this new year, try these steps… or rather try this ONE step. 🙂



If you give all of your focus to one thing, you also give it all of your energy…
If you give something all of your energy, you are more likely to complete it in the time frame you desire…
If you complete something in the time frame you desire, you are more likely to carry that confidence over to the next item…
If you carry your confidence over to the next item, your momentum will carry you to faster completion of your next goal!

What we usually do instead is load our list with a myriad of tasks we wish to complete NOW. Within days when all have not been completed to our satisfaction, we lose our stride, lose our momentum and lose our interest in continuing to feel that kind of bummed out, non-accomplished, less than successful feeling. BUT, if you have one thing to focus on, and JUST ONE  … that is where all of your efforts and energies go. Happy New Year and Happy Choosing of that one thing you’re going to get done and do different in 2011!

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