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What woman (or maybe man) wouldn’t open an email with the subject line of “chocolate covered oreos”? I just received an email with this subject line and of course, I opened it. I think I was half looking for the recipe and I’m still looking for the recipe if you have one, but I think this covers a larger point.

Are you leading your customers in a way that will speak to them or compel them to either follow you or listen to what you have to say? Getting them to open your email is a great place to practice that and this also applies to employees. In fact, Contagious Leadership is about being yourself and leading yourself well, before you go forth and attempt to lead others. So, in this case, the real question might be are you writing stuff that even you would open or want to read?

When writing memos, directives, newsletters, or even sales or marketing copy, there are a few key ways to ensure that your message is, in fact, contagious… meaning they will catch on or be interested in your note enough to “catch” a desire to learn more.

1. Be Different

The email I received about chocolate covered oreos was actually about a women’s function. I was interested in the “different” headline however, enough to open and read. If it had said “Women’s Networking Group” it would have looked like all the others.

2. Be Startling

Next week’s Monday Moment has a headline of Studies Show Managers Go Bald 83% Faster than Employees. The headline is of course completely… well, I’ll let you read it to determine if it’s true or not. 🙂  To sign up for our Monday Moments and to read the rest of the text next week, just sign up at the top right hand side of this page under the smiley coffee cup. Startling headlines tend to get the attention of those to whom your message was intended.

3. Use Numbers

If you are wanting to introduce new policies or procedures to employees, recognize that they are already, before even coming to work, on information overload. why not take a lesson or two from the news which captures our attention with drama and startling facts and numbers and start your email with something like: “Three Ways To Keep From Getting in Trouble”, followed by the list of 3 new policies to which employees will want to adhere.

Getting people’s attention these days can be tough, but being contagious is easy. Now we just have to combine your message with your already contagious behavior (as everything we do, say, think, believe, and how we behave rubs off on others).You can do this!

Stay contagious!

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