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Does the airplane know it’s windy or do you?

How confident are you that you can’t do certain things? I’m pretty confident that I can’t physically fly and it’s a contagious belief because most of you believe it too! Ha! However, are all of our beliefs accurate (maybe that one is) or are they mere self imposed limitations that we cling to with great degrees of Contagious Confidence™?

A dear of friend of mine is a model airplane hobbyist. He goes to shows and regularly goes to a location where he can practice flying his model airplane. He’s told me a story that one day he arrived at the usual model airplane hangout and it was on a windy, potentially rainy, and cloudy day. He was the only one of his hobby enthusiasts who arrived that day and he was about to leave when a new member of the group arrived. The new guy asked my friend:

“Hey are you gonna fly today?”

“I don’t know. It’s pretty bad weather we’ve got coming and pretty windy, too. Probably not.”

“Well that’s a shame. Your airplane doesn’t know it’s windy.”

How many times do we limit ourselves, others, and our potential, by blaming minor circumstances and giving in to something that might not be as big an impediment as we think? Something tells me if we spent the time that we do in looking for reasons why we can’t do something, we just might be able to find ways we can.

Hmmm…. I wonder what would happen if I flapped my wings and really believed it might work?

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