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If you haven’t seen the movie “The King’s Speech”, it is excellent and well worth your time. It also relates to the issue of leadership. What if you had an issue or a secret you desperately were trying to fix and simultaneously trying to keep your progress from the team you lead. Keeping it quiet or not, it’s likely they know. Do you focus on the courage you’re exhibiting to resolve the issue or the worry over what others might think?

Courage is a characteristic all Contagious Leaders embody. Your amount of courage stems from your self esteem and both can be increased simultaneously. How DO you exhibit the courage of a King, in your leadership role?

Stay Focused

What is the goal or issue or problem you’re trying to resolve? Stay focused on the resolution once you’re clear on what you’re working on and stay focused on how good you will feel once it is resolved.

Expect it to Work

A continued focus on “it’s not working” tends to bring more examples of how “it’s not working”. But, an expectant focus on it working and how it will work and will work itself out and be resolved, will help you to invite confirmation of that very fact into your line of sight and awareness. Identify what you want to do differently or fix and then expect and believe you have what it takes to allow it to happen.

Enlist Help

This isn’t the same as broadcasting your lament about the area of development you’ve chosen to focus on. Enlisting help, either from those you lead or those who lead you or those outside of your leadership role entirely, means you expand your courage yby asking for help and also that you may just get the very help you need. Choose those you ask for help wisely and explain that your goal is improvement and then be willing to at least try their advice.

You may not have the title of King or even the title of Leader, for that matter, but at a minimum, you still are the one who leads the voices in your own head. Even in your reign over this individual dominion, can you maintain the courage it takes to strengthen a weakness or area of struggle? Yes, yes you can.

Stay Contagious!

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