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Contagious Companies wants to know what is your #1 Leadership Struggle?There are a multitude of books, classes, and programs out there regarding leadership. In fact, the primary focus of Contagious Companies is to provide and develop leadership skills that stick! We’ve even written books such as Contagious Leadership and What Does Leadership Take? But, periodically we like to check in to ensure we’re still relevant, note-worthy, meaningful, and on point. Thus, we’re asking YOU.. what is your #1 Leadership Struggle?

It’s beyond what keeps you up at night. It’s beyond what was the firedrill of today. It’s even beyond what your boss is telling you is most important. Yep. What is YOU number one challenge when it comes to leading others, or even leading yourself?  We want to know and we want you to ask all of your friends and colleagues. Share your information with us and you may even find a new curriculum created in your honor!

We’re looking for the primary concern you face, the issue that creates a struggle, anxiety or problems and that you would like answers to address. Please share your thoughts by APril 8th and we look forward to hearing from YOU!

Stay Contagious!
Monica Wofford, CSP
CEO, Contagious Companies, Inc.

Your leadership style and strengths change how you lead and are perceived by others. Find out how you lead with this quick online assessment.

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