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Frequent blogger, Monica Wofford, CSP is the CEO of Contagious Companies, Inc. and author of Contagious Leadership.

Did you know 92% of Burnouts were never lit?

Have you ever heard the phrase “someone quit, but forgot to tell you?” Do you think this ever happens for leaders? Well, of course it does, but how can you be sure you have both feet in the role and not one foot out the door preparing to leave instead of leave? Try these questions and an accurate and sincere assessment of your answers:

Do you feel “Just Done” more often than you’d like?

It’s no news flash that Commander personality preferences lack a great deal of patience when you begin to impede their ability to get things done, but what may be surprising is that the more invested, energized, and interested this same type of person is in the job, the more patient they become with developing others to raise efficiency and productivity of the entire team. Thus, if you find yourself “Just done!” a lot more than you’d like, this could be sign that you’re crispy, truly done, or nearing burn out instead of energized by the possibilities.

Do you day dream about being somewhere else a lot?

What we dream about doing or would like to do, instead of that we feel we “have to do” is often connected to your heart more than your head. If you are daydreaming a lot of being someplace else, it’s likely your heart, instincts, or internal voice is trying to tell you something. Plus, it’s real hard to stay authentically engaged in a role that you are consistently wishing you didn’t have to perform.

Is your turnover more like a revolving door than a onetime event?

Your leadership skills are contagious and what you feel rubs off on those you lead. If your turnover at the office and on the team you lead is more like a revolving door than an anomaly, it’s likely that you’re not leading well or that you’re sending the message that you are on your way out so why should anyone else stay?

None of your answers to these questions constitute deal breakers or “world will cease to spin” moments. They are all repairable and might simply require a moment of sincere re-engagement. Certainly though If you have answered yes to all of the above, there might be an appropriate time and place for you to consider if leaving is a better option. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to consider a time to look at, contemplate, mull over, percolate on, give thought to, perhaps sneak a peek at, or play with the idea of ..hmmmmm…. getting another job. However, if you read this post and your boss says “what did you learn from that leadership post from the contagious lady?”, and then you say “I quit”, then my name is …. Um… CINDY!

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