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If your training programs are a wreck than you are derailing your leadership efforts!

There is a big difference between saying you conduct training your company and providing training that is actually effective. Where does your company fall on the training effectiveness scale and is your training creating a train wreck in productivity?

When we teach Contagious Leadership, Contagious Confidence, Contagious Communication or Contagious Culture, it is always with the end result in mind. That result comes from the answer to the question of “What do you want the company or leaders or team to do different, see differently, say, feel, or behave differently than they are right now?” Training that does not answer this question may well … well, miss the mark. Here are a few other questions to ask to ensure that your productivity and the contagious skills or knowledge you transfer in your training programs are on the right track!

1.       What do you want these participants to stop, start, or continue doing after this training? Did we meet those objectives?

2.       Are the leaders of these training participants aware of what they are learning so that they can follow up after the training and help to increase retention of follow through of use of this new knowledge or new skills?

3.       Are there barriers to actually using the training we are imparting and if so, how do we create alignment?

Not only are leadership skills contagious, but so is the mood, feel, knowledge and skill of each training class you send someone to or participate in, thus it pays to be involved in your training program by asking the questions to make sure your trainings are on the right track and not wrecking your hard work and efforts in a single day!

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