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Does labeling customers as internal or external change how we treat them?

Okay, so using the words we label belly buttons with may not apply to customers, but work with me here and let’s see where this goes. 😀

“Innies” point inward. They are tucked in and focused in an inward direction. Hmmm… aren’t those employees you have the privilege of leading focused inward, tucked in to your organization, if not even plugged in in a way that is unique to only those who work there. They see things that only an employee would see, but they are also an integral and wholly connected part of your organization.

“Outies” point outward. They are looking externally and seemingly an extension of you. Hmmmm… aren’t those customers who enjoy doing business with you an extension of your marketing team and advertising efforts. Happy customers may only tell 3 people to every 10 that an angry customer will talk to, but gaining 3 raving fans, versus losing a daily 10 is something to consider as a viable part of your marketing plan. Those external customers are focused outward and looking at much more than your business, but can’t you show them what you want them to see, much like you point your own “focus” on what you to see.

Maybe it’s a stretch to call a customer an ”Innie” or an “Outie”, but the point is that no matter what we call them, some customers are part of our internal makeup and some are outside of our organization. In other words, a customer is a customer and the less we delineate between employee and customer, and treat them all the same, the more we consistently provide a level of service that keeps our business and our focus intact and on track.

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