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Wow, now that’s an opening line! While it’s no surprise that the legal industry is bound by the same reality that everything those working in it do, say, think, believe, and behave IS contagious, this note is a bit more special. The upcoming Association of Legal Administrators Annual Conference & Exposition has given us the honor and privilege of sharing not one, but a DOUBLE dose of Contagious Concepts in their upcoming conference! Yay!

At this amazing event, we will cover both Contagious Confidence™ and Contagious Culture™ back to back. Now that IS a double dose and here is a sneak preview:

In Contagious Confidence™, we’ll touch on the idea that we all talk to ourselves, but often the strength of our communication or the damage is done in our heads before we ever express those thoughts or concerns out loud. A lack of confidence can inhibit your ability, and that of the team you lead, to make progress or achieve goals. To be successful you need to work on your Internal Voice Management to build, project and maintain your confidence, improve your leadership skills and achieve goals. Learn key strategies that will help you get out of your own way!

In Contagious Culture™, we’ll touch on how bad attitudes breed apathy which leads to attrition in the workplace and how you can stop the bleed. Give your firm a shot in the arm! Infect it with an achievement mindset and contagious culture. Discover how to reduce the friction between managers and staff and how you can inspire a positive mindset in staff firm-wide. Learn14 simple methods that will inspire employee engagement that will encourage staff members to stay longer, produce more and complain less.

In both sessions, I have the privilege of also describing just how to implement the “How tos” and the “Now whats”. Do you work with an attorney or a firm? This would be a great event to ensure they are attending!

Click here to learn more about the ALA Conference and we hope to see you there!

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