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My book coach and I laughed out loud yesterday as our conversation went from a discussion of the four quadrant model based tool to be included in my sixth book to a silly fest of random labels one could place on the “types” in most four quadrant models.

It’s quite silly actually when someone creates a new tool that uses sea animals, dogs or dolphins to describe our “personalities”. Then there are those who use the colors of red, green, yellow, and blue. Someone is bound to begin to use Fuchsia, Eggplant, Forest, and Burnt Siena just for variations sake at some point. Then there’s the technical Littauer based Melancholy, Phlegmatic, Sanguine, and Choleric – labels that are sure to make me jump for joy upon discovery of which one “I am”.

The truth is whether you “ARE A” whale, lion, lamb or sheep, a penguin, porpoise, peacock or squiggly pig tail, it’s important to know WHO you are and that you HAVE ALL FOUR of the standard original preferences, quadrants, types, or labels all started by Hippocrates in about 400BC. The even bigger point is to learn how to BE yourself and which preference you are the most naturally authentically designed to use and demonstrate. And the even bigger, more HUGE, point is that life was intended to be fun and enjoyable. So, in that line of thinking, we’ve come up with some four quadrant fun to poke fun at the simplicity of who some will say “we are” and what we do… cuz we all do it. There’s nothing wrong with preferences or types, as long as they are not used to create an overly exclusionary pigeon hole.

So, what type of muffin are you? See the descriptions below and then maybe we’ll create some name tents or door signs or name tags so that you can tell everyone in your office your new definitive muffin type and let them begin to see when you’re about to blow your proverbial muffin top!

Blueberry – These are the classic doers. They get the breakfast job done, are often the most popular staple found everywhere and at the top of every menu. There is no shortage of these types but they can sometimes blow their blueberries if put under too much pressure or heat.

Bran – These are the steady eddies. They keep things running smoothly and clear out the blocks when it comes to keeping your health straightened out. In the wrong environment the can prevent the smooth flow of stuff and bottleneck a whole process particularly when the decision is do I enjoy the sweet taste of a fun muffin or the serious choice of more healthy option.

Who do you know that might be a bran, blueberry, banana, or carrot/raisin? Hmmm?

Carrot-Raisin – These are so sweet. They almost sneak up on you as who decided carrots and raisins go together. This muffin type is true to its description in that they are sweet, soft, and often warm, but can be tough to crack if the carrot is not sliced just right or in a way that easily baked. Oh, and if you make fun of the combination, these types come off the menu and are often not valued as big sellers.

Banana with Poppy seeds – These are just fun. The combination of a flavorful and odd shaped banana with the adventure of “do I have a seed in my teeth” makes these muffins unpredictable, fun loving, and often the center of any gathering’s conversation. You can’t miss them in a muffin stand as they’re poppy seeds just scream for attention and immediately label these muffins as being different.

What I find most hilarious is that these labels actually work!! Aren’t you coming up with labels for your fellow muffins…er I mean co-workers, family, and friends? Enjoy!

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