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3 Simple Ways to Stand Out in the Leadership Crowd

When there are leaders of every shape, size, tenure, and title, how do you stand out? How do you put yourself in line for that next promotion or merely be the best leader you can be for those you have the privilege of leading? There are three key ways actually… see which one you’ll try first and do please share your additional ideas. We’d love to hear from you!

Boost Your Own Leadership Confidence

People are attracted to those who are comfortable in their own skin and confident about who they are and what they’re doing. Struggling? Find a way to get better at that with which you struggle. Your confidence will follow. Not sure you’re a good leader – what you think about you usually comes about. Find a way to find that element which you lead well and remind yourself that at least in that area, you are great and then find other areas to expand that belief and action within and about.

Implement Best Practices

See another leader getting better results in something that you wish you could do better? Ask ‘em for help? Get their take on what they are doing differently and know that you will have your own take and your own style. The goal is not to do it the same, but to find that best practice and do it in a way that works well for you, creates the results you want, and leads those you have the privilege of leading to new heights. 😀

Look at Those Mistakes… Just for a Minute

When you look at a mistake, what you’re looking for is the lesson in the mistake, not the opportunity to flog yourself about it. We all make mistakes, yet those who excel, those who stand out, are the ones who own the mistake, say “yep don’t want to do that again” and move forward to correct it next time, implement a better practice, and learn what led them down that path and how to avoid it. You can do this!

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