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Can a successful leader can wear just one hat a day?

Good morning and Happy Monday!

Do you as a leader play only one role per day? Hmmm…Well, let’s see. Are you a boss or a buddy? A peacemaker or pushover? A manager or mentor? Or are you a disciplinarian or …well…are you merely a leader all day long? These questions come up in the first section of any Contagious Leadership course when we discuss the difference between and definitions of the words manager and leader. Then the question becomes are you a manager or a leader? What do you think? Do you believe it’s an either or? Do you believe you play one role or many?

In most cases, there’s not a chance a successful leader can wear just one hat or play just one role in a day. Our Monday Moment title today is a complete myth! Leaders pay more than one role daily… and sometimes moment by moment. And this applies whether you’re the leader of merely your own life, a team of people, or just the voices in your very own head!

In fact, it’s not the roles and what we call them that trip us up at times. It’s the transitions and the contradictions. This week, we’ll address those elements and in the meantime, you have a little homework. Spend some time considering how often you tell yourself you should be acting in one way, but actually demonstrate something different. Keep an eye out for the number of times you contradict what you really think or feel you should do, but actually perform and pay attention to how you transition from one role to another.

Keep in mind, your behavior as a leader is very contagious so how you handle each change of hats will inject either confident or doubt in the minds of those you lead.

Stay tuned for more this week and in the meantime have a fantastic week, an even better Monday, and of course, stay contagious!

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