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What makes YOU have a squirrel moment?

“So, as I was saying John, we’ve got to fix the problem of employee morale issues. Oh by the way, did you get the report from California that I emailed you. What did you think?”

“Yes, I got it and I thought it was a bit too detailed a projection for what we were wanting to use it for. And I also saw the other email you sent as well, about Sam’s numbers. How did she do that?”

“Wasn’t that amazing? Hey, have you eaten yet?”

And there it is… “Squirrel!” A moment, right before your very eyes when the important morale issue did not get addressed, but two immediate and distracting, but easily checked off the list, topics did. How DO you prevent squirrel moments of distraction and maintain your focus as a Contagious Leader? Try these steps to keep your focus just as contagious as your …squirrel… leadership!

  • Keep a note pad close by to record random thoughts that are off topic, but you wish to address later.
  • Record the thoughts as they come up and keep your attention on the topic at hand.
  • Make eye contact with the person you’re in conversation with or if you are on the phone, pull up the email from them and keep it the only email open on your screen.
  • Mute other devices when talking to keep them from buzzing, ringing, vibrating, or stunning you into a squirrel moment.
  • When your mind brings up another idea, say to yourself “Thank you for sharing, I am focused on this right now and will come back to that, later.”

Remember that everything we do, say, think, believe, and how we behave rubs off on others, including how well you listen and certainly how effectively you lead. Stay contagious! (and stay away from the Squirrels!)

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