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Sooo, think of the phrase “I’ll string you up by your toenails” (surely a Southern rendition of “ummm, you’re in trouble!!), combine that with Wednesday’s post about the Cape and the Crown new managers may believe they need, and mix them together in a way that creates a child-like parable about a young leader whose day has gone very wrong. Perhaps we would call this children’s story book “The Crown the Frown, and Leader Turned Upside Down”.

I envision there might be a band of children on the playground or out exploring and one would find a crown, turn into a bully and cause a commotion, while later in the day the rest of the close knit Little Rascal like band of brave souls might find a way to hang the bully from their legs on a set of mighty monkey bars, and then all make up and go off to find their next adventure in the end.

What would happen if we taught children actual leadership skills, for life and whatever work might be a part of their future world? Sort of a corporate leadership cheat sheet for children? Hmmm…

What would your version of the story sound like?

Stay contagious!


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