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If what motivates you to lead is being better than others, you might be leading in the wrong direction.

Leadership is not about looking over your shoulder to see who you are better than…

Leadership is not about being better than those you work with…

Leadership begins with you and ends with those you have the privilege of leading…

Leadership and everything you do to make sure you’re doing it well is Contagious!

Contagious Leaders work to be their best while bringing out the best in others.

Just my two cents.

Know any leaders who make it all about them?
Know any leaders who without their title would not be considered a leader at all?
Know any leaders who chose to spread contagious crud, instead of working to become a positively contagious leader?

Contagious Leaders look inward to ask and answer these questions first… before they look at the actions of others.

Are you a Contagious Leader?

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