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One would hope that when you achieve a leadership role, its all roses from there, right? And in fact, many think it will be a piece of cake, a breeze, a glamorous lifestyle and overflowing with positively contagious sunshine and rainbows… well, okay, maybe not the rainbows. ha!

The reality is that being a Contagious Leader will have it’s good days and it’s perhaps less than stellar days. This is often due to the fact that you may share information with a team member that is difficult to hear or help to develop someone in spite of their barriers or beliefs that they can achieve what you ask. So, I ask you… what bugs you about being a leader? It’s okay to share. Until we look at a situation from all angles, it is tough to address the areas that may zap the energy from you…so let’s take a look.

What bothers you about being a leader? Here are a few topics that may help start the conversation…. I look forward to hearing from you and to talking about the real issues.

Contagious Leadership is not always easy...what bugs you about leadership?




Stay Contagious!


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