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Marvel at the things you have instead of managing that which you don’t.

We’ve all had those days where we manage to find fault in nearly everything or at a minimum, have what we might call a “bad day”. Whether we just feel that way or we’re fabricating the perception that everything is out of whack, once our vision is pointed to what’s wrong, guess what we emphasize and continue to experience?

As a manager, and even as a Contagious Leader with contagious confidence™ and charisma, it can appear easy to get caught up in the day to day grind or repetitive tasks. There are employees who need you, deadlines that demand your attention, and clients clamoring for your expertise, but rather than trying to manage your time, your potential temper, and your tasks, what if you took a moment each day… to just… marvel.

  • Marvel at the fact that you have freedoms not afforded to every citizen of every other country outside the United States.
  • Marvel at the fact that you work… period… and likely at a place that gives you “juggling practice” and management experience.
  • Marvel at the fact that the sun is shining or at least it’s not snowing where you are this time of year.
  • Marvel at the fact that someone had the insight to develop air conditioning. (Okay, so that may just be reserved for our Florida friends)
  • Marvel at how much others really do try to do as you ask or provide you with help if you need it.
  • Marvel at how much you get done or even how many steps it takes to get something seemingly simple, done.
  • Marvel at how much you’ve learned in a lifetime of leading yourself.
  • Even, marvel at just how fascinating the behavior of those around you really is…whatever it takes marvel at something.

The idea of marveling is very similar to the Contagious Concept™ of being fascinated versus frustrated and one that will serve you well on those days that are not going as you planned them to go. And on today, the fourth of July, the day in which the United States celebrates its independence from management by anyone else, our friends in the US get to marvel at the very least, at the fact that you live where someone fights for your freedom and your rights each and every day.

Happy Independence Day!
And, stay contagious,

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