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Is it that hard to change or are you afraid if you did, you might not know how to handle all that contagious confidence you’d have in yourself?

This week we’ve talked about magic Genies, a fairy godmother, and what a change in your life can do to your destination. Well, not all change is bad or unwanted. A part of your brain might be wired to keep you just the same, but another part of your brain strives to make things better, make things right, get things done, or have fun and often getting to those destinations requires a change from where you are now.

If money were no object, if your enthusiasm were contagious, and if there were no consequences whatsoever, what would you change about your world, your work, your life, your love, your finances, your friends, or anything else in your world? There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that if you can dream it, you’ve been given the gifts needed to do it, so try not to edit your own choices with the limitations you’ve heard from others. Heck, your authentic hopes and dreams are really no one else’s business and what they think of what you want, is none of their business 😀

C’mon now… what would you change that when you did, might cause that Contagious Confidence™ to soar?

Stay contagious!

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