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Monica Wofford, CSP writes about leadership skills and issues and is the author of Contagious Leadership

If you face a detour, do you have to choose a new destination?

It seems the only constant, or so they say… is change. One person leaves, a new one arrives, a boss is promoted and positions change, as well as those who hold them. A customer’s needs and wants change. Services and products change to meet them. Technology changes. The economy changes, and so forth. The question however, is how do you deal with it?

Do you brace for impact, hoping things won’t change, knowing secretly that one day they likely will and then sit waiting, dreading that day? That may cause you to break apart when the change hits.

Do you remain calm, loose, agile, and willing to roll with the tide whichever way it goes? That will make riding the wave easier, but also may get you lost out to sea with little control your direction.


Do you maintain a clear direction and focus, while recognizing there are many roads that will get you there and many ways to learn what you need, grow where you need to grow…all while still staying on track with the path chosen by you not for you? The choice is yours and though there may be road blocks, speed bumps, a red light or detour or two, when you are the one choosing your very own path, you’ll find a way through, around, over or under and stay true to you. Change happens, but it doesn’t have to change who you are or where you are going… at most it may change how you get there, with or without a magic wand or genie to remove all the junk that crops up in life, and with much greater experience that can be put to use as wisdom.

How do YOU deal with Change? Does it change who you are, where you are going, or merely the route you choose to take?

Stay contagious!

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