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Monica Wofford, CSP, teaches leaders to understand and improve their own leadership in using practice, skills, and desire as their three areas of focus.

You gotta go with me on this one as the idea for this blog post made me laugh out loud and I suspect it may you, too. Have you ever heard of a type of chicken, known as an “Easter Egger”? It’s official breed name is an Americauna, but here is where it gets its nickname: THIS CHICKEN LAYS COLORED EGGS in blue, pinkish, or green.

Now first, I must ask how a chicken who lays blue, pink or green eggs got the name of Americauna. Wouldn’t that make more sense if the eggs were red, white, and blue? Maybe that’s just me. But secondly, and more importantly what struck me is that one of these chickens lays ONLY all blue or all pink or all green eggs. They have been pre-programmed to lay only eggs of one color.

So, I ask you dear Contagious Leaders with Contagious Confidence who Contagiously Communicate… do you only have one style or one internal voice message or one way of sharing your message? Do you feel pre-programmed to spit out, adhere to, abide by, or take action in only one way… forever, and ever, amen? Or are you as a leader open to the opinions of others, asking for help of those you lead who are closer to the problem than you are, and looking for the creative ways to solve a problem or produce a product or service that may exceed the borders of some box?

Let’s just say that if you personally are getting bored with the actions you’re taking or things you’re thinking over and over again, it may just be time to change up the color of the eggs you’ve been laying. Figuratively, of course.

And finally, you know I’ve got to ask… just what do you feed a chicken who lays pre-dyed Easter Eggs? Colored jelly beans?

Stay Contagious!


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